Mission Statement

After Years of services at the feet of Jesus the Christ under the mother Commission of Liberation, i heard a word ” you are a see and you are a tree”. This statement revolutionized my thinking and set me on my feet to pursuit the encounter i had years back; a VISION, a day light encounter where the Lord Spoke in terms of what will befall men if they do not repent of their ways….. to me in diverse languages and finally instructed me: “go and tell them”. I have realized, i have something specific to offer given me by the Lord. I began to ask the Holy Spirit to lead me towards the fulfillment of my assignment.

Our Mission is to Worship God the Almighty by bowing , prostrating, floor worshiping and Ascribing all things to him as the Elders did in Rev 5:14 The four living creatures said, “Amen,” and the elders fell down and worshiped. Many believers are in churches to receive miracles signs and wonders. But there is an initial purpose and the purpose is “Worship” to Worship our Maker. Worship him the primitive way and style. The Holy Spirit revealed to me and said Everything will be in place in the believer’s life if he returns to the first place of worship, the original intent of worship. He continued by saying that 97% of believers worship the resource(s) than the Source. He revealed to me that worship has to be sacrificial. Therefore our primary mission centers around Worship. Worship in song of worship that the Holy Spirit generates. Our place of worship shall be called “Yahweh Worship Halls”. i, we am/ are to reach out to the less privileged around us, the fatherless, widows and orphans. i ,we am/are to build halls.

Early Morning Meditation exercises

Focus Attention, Yoga relaxation, detention

Reading the French Language to the World

Songs of Worship

HE IS LORD, HE IS LORD HE HAS RISEN…/ WE BOW BEFORE YOUR THRONE HE HAS PROMISE HE WILL NEVER FAIL/ DO SOMETHING NEW IN MY LIFE/HOLY SPIRIT MOVE IN NOW /HOLY GHOST FIRE FIRE FALL ON ME/I WANT MORE OF YOU/DRAW ME NEARER NEARER TO THEE/HE CAN’T LIE TO ME/THIS IS THE AIR I BREATH/THROUGH IT ALL 2X/ I DEPEND ON YOU, HOLY SPIRIT I HAVE NO POWER ON MY OWN/IN YOUR PRESENCE, THAT’S WHERE I BELONG/JESUS NEVER FAILS 2X/YOU ARE AWESOME IN THIS PLACE/ AS WE WORSHIP YOU ALL MIGHTY GOD, YOU ARE LIFTED HIGH ABOVE ALL/YOU ARE HOLY, YOU ARE RIGHTEOUS/OH LORD YOU ARE GOD, YOU NEVER FAIL/GAN YE NYE JEHOVAH/KOKRO KOKRO/MY SOUL MAGNIFIES THE LORD/WE WORSHIP YOU, YOU ARE HOLY/ALLELUIA ALLELUIA 2X YOU ARE HOLY HOLY/ ONYAME ME DAWASI/yes you are the Lord most high 2x/ agbele mawu subobo me/ whiter than snow/alleluia, alleluia 2x /i love God thou has made the heaven and the earth/Jesus never fail 2x/ he abound in me/ Holy, you are holy/Gbedododa nye miapa hawonu/holy you are holy/king of kings Lord of lords you are holy/you are worthy to be praise almighty God/you are worthy Lord 2x/ Lord prepare me to be a sanctuary pure and holy try and prove/ forever you will be/


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All that is required of us is to put a smile on someone’s face..Let’s extend our hands to help those in need without hoping for something in return. We are the light of this world, so let’s reach out to the dark and use our lights to save others so that our maker in heaven will be proud of us. Let’s think about love and see ourselves as one people under the same planet. No amount of goodness will be small to the needy…Let’s make the difference in our homes, communities and nation. Let’s pray for peace and do our very best to avoid conflicts. – Chris Vrichman M


Worship Halls- Hospitals-Orphanages-Markets-Skills – Community Libraries Training Centers

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Less Privileged- Homeless-Orphans-Hospital-Prisons

When the holy Spirit speak to you and you don’t take quick step, the end result is reproach devastating regrets- take steps today God bless you.